Tuesday, June 15

Sex, Scandal and some New Boobs Sarah Jessica Parker?

I finally took my looong awaited girls night out to see Sex and the City 2 :). And I cannot tell you which was more fabulous in that movie, the clothes or the MEN! (Shhh don't tell Daniel.)

Call with Daniel-- 8:05
"Ahh I'm so excited to see Sex and the City... And this is great for you too because now I'm not dragging you to see it with me!" haha

Hollister: Cami uhg :( wholesale $25 ish??
Rugged Warehouse: J. Crew Button Down $20
Rugged Warehouse: Delia's Shorts $6
Rugged Warehouse: Flats $5

P.S. Hello boob-job Sarah Jessica Parker! Where did those come from?!
As a member of the large-chested community, welcome to the dark side ;)

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