Monday, November 29

Black Friday Finds

Ralph Lauren
originally: $35
bought for: $21

Banana Republic
originally: $60
bought for: $25

J. Crew
originally: $62
bought for: $23


originally: $70
bought for: $22

originally: $239
bought for: $76

Thank you Tanger Outlets!

Thursday, November 25


I am soooo excited!

Image from: Tech Pinger

Monday, November 15

Victoria's Secret 2010 Fashion Show: The Bigger the Better!

Boobs, Babes and Bras!
The Victoria's Secret 2010 Fashion Show was eccentric and fun, as always. Even though everyone knows Victoria's Secret is a lingere store, I really appreciate "top heavy" high fashion. As a girl with enough to share it sucks not being able to wear the cute frilly blouses and tiny white pop out bras. Most dresses and especially bathing suits are not designed for women with this body type. We need SUPPORT! Which is exactly what Victoria's Secret promotes. 

I love:
Biker infused with Victorian
Polka Dot Minidress with Crinoline
Ruffles, Bows, and Flowered Country
Images from: Marie Claire

Just a Thought:
Not to bust on Victoria's Secret (haha pun-ny), but it is a store which drives women insane for not having D sized boobs, yet they don't really even carry bras in that size, and don't even think about larger. At least very seldom that are cute/sexy... Just saying. 

Sunday, November 14

Anne Hathaway: November 2010 Vogue Issue

I know that I am a month late on this, but I have been having a woman crush on this goddess for years! Anne Hathaway has grown from gawky teenager to classic beauty! Her collection of images in Vogue's November 2010 issue are simply breathtaking.
     Images from: Vogue         

This has to be the most fabulous woman to ever grace this earth.      

Thursday, November 11

'Morocco & Spain' Inspired Shoes

How FABULOUS are these pictures?!
Mike Matas is so creative in his photo-streams that play a story out for all of us who wish to travel without the time and money honey.

Morocco & Spain from Mike Matas on Vimeo.

I reached for my vibrant yellow, turquoise, and burnt orange cork wedges to go out to dinner after feeling like I had just experienced the splendors of 'Morocco & Spain'. 

Wednesday, November 3

'346' Days of Summer

Enough with these freezing cold winds and complete darkness by 6:30 everyday! Vamos a Georgia!

Really, what could be better escape from this frosty weather than the warm and sunny peach state. With school beating down on this students shoulders :/, I really needed some outlet shopping and UGA football, Go Bulldogs!

Limited Sweater: $20
Brooks Brothers Skirt: $15
--Brooks Brothers has a separate brand for their outlet stores.. Those garments are labeled '346'. They are the exact same clothes sold in their regular retail stores just at a cheaper price! What could be more fabulous??