Monday, December 27

Simple Elegance: Pearls

The best thing my mother ever gave to me was a single strand of pearls.

Pearls are so classic. By putting them on, women look infinitely more elegant

(eh these aren't really pearls, but she is so fabulous already!)

Friday, December 24

Polo, Pearls, and a Black Scoop-Neck Dress

These photos by Kristina Kislitsyna make me want to open up my Christmas presents so badly! 

I love:
The jagged one-shoulder neckline!
 Black Button- Down and Miniskirt
 Polo, Pearls, and a Black Scoop-Neck Dress

I bought a black silk blouse from Brooks Brothers that these last 3 images remind me of. I cannot wait to wear it!!

Saturday, December 18

For Winter: Bare the Legs

It may be 40 degrees outside, but that does not mean that we need to cover our bodies like we have some thing to hide


Note for the upcoming tundra: keep the vital parts covered but feel free to show a little leg.
Also, nothing will make those legs look better than a pair of heels, I'm talking 4" and up!

Thursday, December 16

Sarah Jessica Parker: January 2011 Elle Issue

Sarah Jessica Parker 
Fabulous and Fatigued

Note: By the way I totally feel you SJP!  Dead Week from college exams and stress from the holidays ruins us all!

Simply sexy: Little Black Dress

Classic Glamour
Images by: Tom Muro via Elle

Sarah Jessica Parker graces the Cover of Elle's January 2011 issue (yes, it is almost 2011 whaatttt!)
In the issue, SJP speaks out on her new design job as the Chief and Creative Officer at Halston and Halston Heritage, her new twins, and gasp! aging!

Wednesday, December 15

Kardashians 2010 Cristmas Card

I love this family!

Behind the Scenes:

Kourtney Kardashian is another on of my celebrity style idols (obsessions) along with the Olsen Twins
Kourtney is beautiful, independent along with owning a business and being a mother to her cute as can be little boy, Mason.  She does not take shit and looks fabulous doing it. 

Behind the Scenes:
Images from: Kourtney Kardashian

Tuesday, December 7

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was shot for the December 2010 issue of Harpers Bazzar

She was shot from the extraordinarily talented Alexi Lumbomirski.

Katy Perry leaves her quirky sense of style to take on the power suit. Her outfits bring to the corporate world classiness and a hint of sex appeal.
1.  Her heels are killer! They could put any man in his place. 
2.  Lets talk about her fitted blazers, quite, quite fabulous.


I don't think it is possible to be any more glamorous.
Image from: Olsens Anonymous

The Olsen twins are probably my one true style obsession.

Sunday, December 5

Alison Arboux

Allison Arboux is featured in Kurv Magazine. What she wears is flawless and simple. I would die to buy the John Paul Gaultier dress. 

Clean and White Dress with Ruffles
John Galliano
Lovely Winter Knit Mini-dress 
Jean Paul Gaultier
Leather and Knits for the City 
Barbara Bui
Images from: Fashion Gone Rogue

Friday, December 3

KOSii's 2011 Summer Line

I found the most beautiful dresses from KOSii. The designers, Celso Ferrer and Giovanna Parizicreate clothing that is classy and elegant.
 What I love
Day-to-Night Dress
Work Attire
Night on the Town
Images from: Brian Haider

Wednesday, December 1

'Revenge of the Cardigans'

Cardigans are so beautiful, classy and effortless. Here they are for any occasion...

Salvatore Ferragamo
Tommy Hilfiger
Donna Karan
Images from: Grazia

Monday, November 29

Black Friday Finds

Ralph Lauren
originally: $35
bought for: $21

Banana Republic
originally: $60
bought for: $25

J. Crew
originally: $62
bought for: $23


originally: $70
bought for: $22

originally: $239
bought for: $76

Thank you Tanger Outlets!

Thursday, November 25


I am soooo excited!

Image from: Tech Pinger

Monday, November 15

Victoria's Secret 2010 Fashion Show: The Bigger the Better!

Boobs, Babes and Bras!
The Victoria's Secret 2010 Fashion Show was eccentric and fun, as always. Even though everyone knows Victoria's Secret is a lingere store, I really appreciate "top heavy" high fashion. As a girl with enough to share it sucks not being able to wear the cute frilly blouses and tiny white pop out bras. Most dresses and especially bathing suits are not designed for women with this body type. We need SUPPORT! Which is exactly what Victoria's Secret promotes. 

I love:
Biker infused with Victorian
Polka Dot Minidress with Crinoline
Ruffles, Bows, and Flowered Country
Images from: Marie Claire

Just a Thought:
Not to bust on Victoria's Secret (haha pun-ny), but it is a store which drives women insane for not having D sized boobs, yet they don't really even carry bras in that size, and don't even think about larger. At least very seldom that are cute/sexy... Just saying.